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Welcome to my tribute to Team Trib, a group of journalists I met at a little newspaper in Mid-Iowa.

My history with Team Trib began with a reporter who was asked to stay away from me during my interview. Apparently the news editor felt this reporter may discourage me from joining The Tribune. But whom should I meet on my way to the interview?

His name was Mike McNarney, and he was clearly excited about running into me. I was a little taken aback. Meeting someone who admits he's supposed to stay away from you does not do much for calming job interview jitters. McNarney insisted on escorting me into the newsroom. He even paid my parking meter.

Once inside, McNarney did not take me to the appropriate editors. Instead we stood at the edge of the newsroom until an editor spotted us. I was nervous. McNarney grinned broadly and then laughed when what he called a look of dread crossed the editor's face. That was the start of my newspaper career.

Most everyone who has met McNarney has a story about him. The one I've shared here is just one of hundreds. McNarney is one of the most generous people I know, and I for one am glad he did not stay away.